Tiny Tiny Homes

In only a few short years, Tiny Homes have gone from weird to nearly normal…LOL.

I am enamored of tiny homes, love the concept, love looking at all the possibilities and I especially love the low low overhead.  I’ve read lots of stories, articles, and seen a bunch of Youtube videos on folks who have built their tiny homes from scratch with very little money.

Not all of us are as ambitious or talented – so for the rest of us, there is Tiny House Listings. If you go to http://tinyhouselistings.com/ you will see Tiny Houses listed for sale.  Some are on wheels, some will need a flatbed truck to move them and some are stationary and include some land.

While I am not ready to move into a Tiny House just yet, looking at the wonderful variety of homes gives me more fodder for what I would want (or not want) in my own tiny home someday.


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