What to expect in a tiny home

In love with tiny homes?

Read about some of the realities that you may be missing in your daydreams of more fluid cash, fewer bills, and quicker home ownership:


I’ve often thought that living in a tiny house is a bit like camping – I, for one, enjoy camping…not everyone does. But don’t despair!  There are tiny homes and small homes to meet everyone’s tastes and requirements.  For example, I don’t like the idea of sleeping in a loft (I have a bad knee and chronic vertigo) while others LOVE it.

There is a design out there for everyone, and if you are particularly inventive, you can make some of your own!  And just because it is “perfect” today, doesn’t mean it will always be so:


Just do it (with your eyes open and a realistic set of expectations).  🙂


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