A Minimalist Prepper

Here’s one person’s view of living smaller and his philosophy about it.
Everyone is motivated to live smaller for different reasons…I really like the thought that he has put into his.

Simple Living Over 50

IMG_0151I write a great deal about both living a minimalist life or “simple living”, and also survival and prepping. The question is do they go hand in hand?

With minimalism I try to keep my material possessions to a minimum, but while being prepared means that I try to maximize those things I will need if forced to live through a tragic event.

They seem to be complete opposites as with one I am saving money and the other I am spending money. So how is it possible to be both? I have asked this question many times each time I make a specific purchase after saving money through a minimalist lifestyle.

I have found the answer in the simple question… What are things worth? Or what is the value I place on the items that I purchase. For example a $23.00 windup emergency radio is worth what I paid…

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