Charitable giving

With all of the weather catastrophes – floods, fires, droughts – not to mention our issues with the environment, human and animal rights, and of course, politics – we are inundated with pleas for money.  Before you shell out your hard earned cash, please do some research to be sure you are not sending money to organizations that do not manage their money well, or worse – scammers!

Start with:

You can also, do good with your money while spending it on something you might already be buying – if you shop on for example, they have the Smile program. You can designate where a % of your purchase amount will go, and everytime you shop at amazon – if you go to their special URL – it looks exactly like regular amazon with access to all the same features, the only difference is that it is tallying your purchase and then Amazon gives that % amount to your chosen group.

There are shopping portals that do similar things. You have to sign up and designate your charity (they have a list, and if your favorite isn’t on the list – there’s a way to notify them and they can be included, provided they are a legitimate charity). Some of those portals are and  

These are just a small sample of what is probably out there. Living smaller doesn’t mean you have to be a hermit in a cave…having a smaller carbon footprint, smaller debts, and smaller expenses means you can afford to be generous and to do more good in the world.

Hope you are safe and dry and have enough of everything you need, wherever you are.

Cheers, Natalia


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