Almost September 2018

I have been ruminating for months trying to figure out a good niche for this blog and my interests. In watching the culture and the economy, I am struck by how many niche areas there are and that I cannot be all things to all people.

Here are some I am still focused on and have some passion for:

  1. Downsizing – as in decluttering and/or living in a smaller space;
  2. Making ends meet – living on minimum wage and/or side gigs or just limited funds;
  3. Living in a tiny home – build it yourself, or buy one already built or rent one;
  4. Sustainable living – less grid, no grid, raise your own or source it from local farmers;
  5. Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle – getting the most out of everything.

Of these, numbers 1, 2, and 5 are my favorite – partly because I was a Foster Parent for awhile and these are topics that can help any young person who is recently emancipated be more successful in their independent life.  As well as helping those of us already on the adventure we call “adulthood”.

And so in the rest of this year, I will be focusing in on those three areas and I hope to get this blog jumpstarted for a wonderful 2019 filled with regular posting and hopefully, an ebook or two. 🙂



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