Do you like greek yogurt?

Did you know that you can “make” greek style yogurt by simply buying regular unflavored yogurt (usually under $5 for a huge 32 ounce container) and draining the whey from it.


I use cheese cloth and a strainer in a bowl, putting the regular unflavored yogurt in the cheese cloth in the strainer and in the bowl, and let it sit overnight in the fridge. I save the whey (the liquid) to use in baking.

The remaining yogurt is rich and thick (like the Greek Yogurt you buy in individual containers!) and ready for your jams, or toppings or fresh fruit or whatever toppings you like.

If you leave the yogurt to drain a little longer, you wind up with a sort of farmer’s cheese (like cream cheese but with a tang to it). I will do this when I want a cheesy spread for crackers of toasted bread.

You can add a variety of flavorings, like roasted garlic or chopped chives – if you like savory; or cinnamon if you like sweet.

I use the whey when I make no-knead bread or when I am making waffles or pancakes.

Save your money, put in a teeny bit of effort and still enjoy healthy yogurt (in all its forms).

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