2021 – Is this YOUR year?

Every January is met with hopes and resolutions to be better, more prosperous, happier… after watching the world scramble during a pandemic (and spending a lot of time reading about previous pandemics) my “zen of living smaller” approach to this new year is just this: “Waste Less“.

I will count this new year as successful if I can just do that one thing – to waste less.

What will I waste less of?

  • Time – mostly the time spent worrying about things I have no control over;
  • Food – I will challenge myself to be more creative with what I have in the pantry;
  • Trash and Garbage – (if you are wondering what the difference is – in my mind trash is anything that cannot be composted) make sure that I compost what I can when I can and diligently separate recyclables from the regular trash;
  • Opportunity – I will take the plunge when opportunities arise after reasonable risk assessment, instead of sitting in analysis paralysis.

If I can accomplish even a little of “Waste Less” – I will count this year successful. I have a long To Do list for 2021 – things I want to write, things I want to paint, a new business I want to establish and grow (curious? go see it at http://www.shadowgirlcoffee.com ) and another round of decluttering and reorganizing plus I think I want to paint the interior of our home and I need to get this year’s garden started.

In the meantime, I vow to write more here…and to bake more bread (a comfort food in our home). Hope your 2021 is filled with what you need and some of what you want.

Bread is love!

Peace out.

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