Playing is how we learn

By now you’ve seen some of the projects I’ve done using plastic bread bags and leftover yarn. I’ve also made some using clothesline rope and yarn. I love playing with ideas (where do I get my ideas? Youtube, Pinterest, and looking at other artist’s work).

Here are some of the ornaments that I made using clotheline rope and yarn – the first one uses the loop back method to create a hole for hanging the ornament (see first picture).


I have loads of jewelry findings, so I dug through my stash for end caps that had hooks or holes for a way to hang the ornaments, and used those for the two larger ornaments. And these are indeed large, about 6 inches in diameter…which would look great on a big tree or hanging in a window.


I am also trying to figure out what to use as a wire form in order to make a tree topper – I would make a “round” ornament and affix it to the “stand” so it could be slid over the top bough or branch. My challenge is both to make it sturdy and pleasing to the eye, as well as to use materials that might otherwise be in the trash/landfill. I’ll let you all know what I come up with. If you have any ideas, please feel free to message!

My current focus project is making a bunch of small “baskets” to use as soft sculpture on a canvas using cut up bread bags (we eat a ton of breads and bagels even when I regularly bake sour dough). Yes, yes, I know I am all over the place – I just like to work on lots of things – and sometimes paint needs to dry or glue needs to set – so I have other things to do while that is happening.

I picked coordinated “Fall” colors – and will make several of these smaller “baskets” which I plan to affix to a framed canvas (which I will paint ahead of time). I could also see these easily on an Autumn themed wreath or as part of a table centerpiece. You are only limited by your imagination! Plus I am prepping some fabric scraps to use to make some baskets, as well!

I was recently interviewed for “A Heart For Writing” with Joan Raymond, and I mentioned that I will be putting together a book on how to do many of these crafted items. I hope you will stay tuned and also give your input about what you would like to know more about and which projects are the most interesting to you.

Until next time, remember “Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose” – every little bit counts!

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