Eating well on $4 a day!

Leanne Brown authored a cook book specifically for those on a budget (in this case the amount allocated by the Government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Plan  – SNAP).

The cookbook is available at her website for free – since it is meant to be free for those who need it most.

Here’s the lowdown (the link to her website is in the article and I will also add it below).

Her website:



What to do with rosehips

Do you have roses in your garden? Ever wonder what to do with the rosehips? They are purported to have medicinal value – personally I enjoy rosehip tea from time to time. And they are also wonderful natural decorations (perfect for Fall). Check it out:

Stretching your meal budget

I really like the ideas in the following two articles (both from the same blog – Morning Chores). I realize not everyone can do these things, but maybe they will inspire you.  And if you are on a tight budget, not by choice, but by necessity – sometimes inspiration will help with invention (or at least some creative options you might not have thought of already).