21 tips for streamlining your biz

If you are trying to live smaller, chances are good that you are freelancing or earning at least a portion of your income as a business (crafting, blogging, selling eggs, what-have-you).

Here are 21 great tips for using automation (tech) to help save you time, and therefore, money – and also make the whole process more enjoyable and productive.


You are how you spend your time…

Where to find appliances for tiny homes

Whether you are building your own tiny home, or purchased one already built and are looking for appliances, here’s your go to place:

http://www.compactappliance.com/ – Compact Appliance has a wonderful assortment of great small appliances for RV’s and small/tiny homes.  You can find everything from A/C units to washer/dryer combos to stove tops and ovens and everything in between.

If you don’t care if the item has a warranty and was never used by humans before, keep an eye on Craig’s List…and be flexible – look for used RV’s that you can pull appliances from (sometimes the whole RV or camper is cheaper than if you just bought the stove or fridge).

Also look for Habitat for Humanities ReStores – where smaller older appliances may be available.

And our always favorite place to look is Amazon, because if we have a Prime membership we can get stuff shipped free and sometimes THAT makes a big enough difference.