Sometimes you find a really useful app

And you JUST HAVE TO SHARE IT!! Okay, I am not sharing this because of any affiliation, I don’t get anything from sharing it with you except the satisfaction that it might help someone out there. It is a Chatbot called DoNotPay, which gives some legal advice – it doesn’t replace a lawyer in court but it CAN help you with what and where to file to contest a ticket, for example.

Here is more info on it and what it does:


21 tips for streamlining your biz

If you are trying to live smaller, chances are good that you are freelancing or earning at least a portion of your income as a business (crafting, blogging, selling eggs, what-have-you).

Here are 21 great tips for using automation (tech) to help save you time, and therefore, money – and also make the whole process more enjoyable and productive.

You are how you spend your time…