Start planning for Spring…

Yes, it is Gardening Thursday and here is a primer on vegetable gardening submitted by Henry Rangkuti – for your reading and planning pleasure:


Meatless Thanksgiving

Whether you are planning to go Meatless for Thanksgiving, or would like to offer some vegetarian or vegan dishes to your friends, now is the time for planning.  So the next few Mondays will be dedicated to recipes suitable for Thanksgiving (and often a great option for pot luck affairs and, of course, enjoying all year round).

Let’s start with Martha Stewart:


Butternut risotto. Yummmmmmm.

How to get a stuck bundt cake out of the pan

With the holidays coming up (fast), some of us will be retreating into the kitchen to bake goodies for presents or for entertaining. I admit, this is the only time of year I even LOOK at my bundt cake pan. And yes, I have had the stuck cake in the pan experience. I only wish I had known these tricks, I could have saved those hapless cakes 🙂