Just a couple of things

If you have been reading/following this blog for awhile, thank you! If you are new, here are some things for you to know:

I try to post items relevant to a subject each day as follows:

  • Monday – Meatless Monday recipes
  • Tuesday – miscellaneous (whatever strikes my fancy)
  • Wednesday – budgets and money issues
  • Thursday – gardening and farming
  • Friday – Tiny homes
  • Saturday and Sunday – DIY and projects

I also have a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ZenofLivingSmaller/  where I share similar items as well as timely recalls (you can do a Facebook Search on #FoodRecall #Recall #PetFoodRecall #ProductRecall and the posts should pop right up.

I have a passion for sustainable living and that generally means going smaller – for a smaller carbon footprint – but it doesn’t mean going without. You can have a rich life, and a varied diet and still live smaller.

I come from a background where living smaller wasn’t a choice, but a necessity – and for many it still is – so I hope that some of the hacks and tips I share help everyone whether this is a “lifestyle choice” or simply where you are at right now in your life.

Stay tuned… and thank you for reading my blog and checking out the Facebook page.

Cauliflower Magic

Happy Meatless Monday!  For your pleasure today: Cauliflower is the latest wonder food. And no wonder, it has waited patiently all these years, mostly drenched in cheese sauce while other veggies hogged the spotlight. But no more! Here are some great ways to use cauliflower as the healthier understudy to many of our recipe stars!



How to make crepes

Here is an easy going Sunday DIY – how to make crepes – which is one of those incredibly versatile foods you can make for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks depending on what you fill them with! In the start-up I worked for in Dallas, one of our co-workers – Michael – used to make them for us once in awhile. They were amazing!


949777 You can put fruit in them (as in the picture) – or ham and cheese; carnitas; peanut butter and jam – whatever you want to – I am particularly fond of sauteed mushrooms & swiss cheese in my crepes; or nutella and whipped cream.