33 Vegetarian main dishes perfect for Thanksgiving

33 vegetarian main dishes perfect for Thanksgiving AND NONE OF THEM include Tofurky (lol). Seriously, these are great all through winter, and I am thinking that anything good for Thanksgiving is also good for Christmas, am I right?



Tiny house financing

Sometimes even a small amount is a stretch (especially when you are living tiny due to your circumstances instead of as a lifestyle choice). The world of tiny home financing is changing and trying to catch up to the interest in tiny homes.

This article should get you started with planning how to finance your dream tiny home.


And here’s another take on the subject:


Eating well on $4 a day!

Leanne Brown authored a cook book specifically for those on a budget (in this case the amount allocated by the Government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Plan  – SNAP).

The cookbook is available at her website for free – since it is meant to be free for those who need it most.

Here’s the lowdown (the link to her website is in the article and I will also add it below). https://www.mnn.com/food/healthy-eating/blogs/good-and-cheap-cookbook-leanne-brown

Her website: https://www.leannebrown.com/