Shelter in place

If you are sheltering in place or just trying to maintain social distance, now is a good time to review your emergency plans.

What? You don’t have an emergency plan?

Whether you live on a fault line, in a blizzard prone area or flood zone, or in an area that gets hurricanes and/or tornadoes – in otherwords wherever you live – you should have an emergency plan.

That means:

  1. Figuring out where you will go, should the order to evacuate be issued. You should identify at least two alternatives: one that you know how to get to if you have to walk; and your first choice if your transportation is usable.
  2. Figuring out how you will get there (what if you cannot use your car? no buses?)
  3. Figuring out what to bring. This will depend on what you (and your family and pets) can carry. At the very least you should have your identification in something that is waterproof. If you can have a “bug out” back pack ready to go, all the better – make sure you put copies of all your important documents and prescriptions in a waterproof container in the bag.

For example, I have a foldable wagon that I will use if I have to walk with my pets to evacuate. I have a carrier for the cat, and the dog has a back pack that he will wear to carry some stuff too. I’ll have my backpack and then additional water and food in the wagon with the cat in her carrier.

If we need to evacuate and can use the car, all of that except the cat and dog, will go in the trunk. Dog in the back seat, cat up front with me. Hubby in his car filled with his stuff and our extra food/water. We know where we will meet up and caravan out to our safe spot.

When figuring out what to bring with you, make sure you roll any of your clothes into a plastic sealable bag in your backpack – you’ll use those plastic bags for a variety of things should you have to go to a shelter. The added benefit is that if it is raining, you will have dry clothes at the end of the trip. 🙂

Also now is a good time to review your other emergency plans. If you have a family, have a few fire drills… so everyone remembers what to do. And has some practice.

Double check the smoke alarms and the carbon dioxide alarm. Take this time to also unplug unused appliances and check the water taps for leaks.

Be safe and be ready!

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